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An Open Letter to him

The enemy is trying to kill us and he uses other people to destroy us, distract us and slow us down from achieving our purpose so along the way, we have to learn to fight this enemy with spiritual powers. In the end LOVE ALWAYS WINS. (Please excuse the typos)

To: You

I thank God for my experience with you. Our relationship with all its complexity, gave me the opportunity to learn to love for no reason and without conditions, an experience for which I prayed. I was able to practice love and kindness and to demonstrate His love on Earth to you, one of God’s children. I have no regrets for in the moment it was exactly what I wanted. I saw red flags and remained optimistic. I felt danger signs and chose to trust. I dreamt awful nightmares and experienced major anxiety but I continued to love, to be a friend, and love unconditionally. This time I used to the power of love, next time I will use the power of wisdom—love and clarity combined—and trust myself and intuition. Dating someone from your background, helped me to experience the opportunity to fight for myself, and my happiness to fight for love and to make difficult choices and to see what life would be like if I had my own person who was there for me, who loved me and respected me. Even in all these lessons, I have to realize that none of it was real. You were a liar. From the first date at Starbucks, everything was a lie, but somehow that lie taught me to love in ways that I never could’ve imagined.

You don’t have to lie anymore. Don’t be afraid to walk in the light and THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. You won’t look exhausted all the time, stressed out about maintaining so many lies. You’ll be free to be wrong, learn and grow. Be with your kids and show them unconditional love. Show your daughters how a man should love them. Show your sons how women should be honored. Choose today.

I have prayed for you every day since we met and I will not stop. God has a plan and it’s always in play. It is working. Be obedient and let it work. You are good enough, warts and all. Flaws and all. With all your kids and grandkids and life’s baggage. You are enough. You are a son of the Most High. Stop degrading yourself as a peasant. Let integrity be your gold and honesty be your silver. Choose a path of righteousness, love, and kindness.

I am not only your #bestie, your love, your Sister in Christ, I am YOU. We are one. I am your daughter, your mother. When you use and hurt me and all these women, you are hurting your daughters. You’re abusing your mom. I don’t believe that is who you want to be. I don’t know how this is who you became, but you can choose today, to trust God, surrender and be free. Breathe and be FREE.

I don’t know if you’ll read this when you get it or even if you’ll receive it, but I had to try to say something to let you know.

It’s still so hard for me to believe the man I knew and loved would treat anyone like this, let alone me, but all is not lost. Our Redeemer Lives and He lives to redeem our poor choices and transform them into magnificent learning experiences. There is no doubt that you have hurt a lot of people and you have also been hurt by people. The people you needed to protect you, did not and you have been figuring this life thing out on your own. But you have never really been alone. God has never left you. You are probably so ashamed that you can’t even face yourself in the mirror, probably can’t sleep at night as everything falls apart and the lies begin to unravel BUT GOD can take your shame and restore you. We are the manifestation of God’s love. We are obligated to love each other back to life. Consider this a form of CPR.

In Luke 15th chapter, we learn about the wayward son who leaves home

to find he wasn’t ready, he lost his way and after some time, found himself broke, busted, and ashamed — eating with pigs but in verse 17, HE CAME TO HIS SENSES and went home and there he didn’t find the chastisement he expected or perhaps deserved, instead he found grace, mercy, restoration, love and peace.

May you return to God, the true God not one wrapped up in religion and denomination but the One who in Genesis created you to take dominion and rule with Him. May you learn to be the father you never had. May you learn to love a woman in a healthy monogamous relationship. May you take accountability for your actions. May you prosper in business and life. May you manage money effectively and make wise investments of time, love and money. May you grow old and become a wise and generous elder whose testimony impacts lives and transforms generations. May you be who God created you to be. May this season be redeemed for good.

I am out of tears. I am wrapped in God’s love, The Infinite Creator’s Divine plan, the light of Adonai. I have no regrets. I have experienced a manifestation of love. I thank you for your love and friendship over the past months. Whether our love was genuine from your side or not, it was real to me until it wasn’t, so I will love you forever. I believe you are more than what you have chosen to show the world. I pray that you want more for yourself in the next 40 years. I implore you to leave a legacy of redemption. Let this day mark a new chapter in your story.

From: Me