About The Blog


I’d never really been into blogs. I wasn’t quite sure what purpose they might serve. Catching up with old friends? Meeting new ones? Learning from others? Public journaling? I guess so… then a friend said it’s whatever you want it to be. It was about making connections. In a world of social media, why would I need more connections—and to strangers at that! But I get it now. I am convinced that these connections are needful, maybe now more than ever as so many of us strive to walk in purpose. We’ll need friends, families and bloggers to encourage us along the way. To let us know that we aren’t alone. Our challenges, although uniquely ours, mirror those of so many who aren’t ready to share them with the world. The Bible says that healing comes from testimony (Rev 12:11). Somehow the truth-telling, the transparency, the willingness to be vulnerable and share what we have learned on this journey will bring about healing. So I’m starting a blog today…so that you can bear witness to my testimony and so that I can be made whole. My name is Zahn and these are the Chronicles of a Warrior Princess.